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You can have your pizza and eat it!

We’re really pleased to welcome our first guest blog post this week, courtesy of Emma. At One Planet Pizza we really want to encourage a lifestyle of not just yummy vegan food, but also being more aware of what else is going on in the world around you. Over to you Emma!



My name is Emma, I’m a personal trainer, freelance writer and PhD student. You can find me on Instagram @veganfitnessphd. Something really important to me is the importance of having a healthy relationship with food (and exactly how pizza fits into that!) I’ll also be reviewing 2 of the One Planet Pizzas that I have tried: the Three Sheese Margherita and Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable.

I’m a big proponent of having a healthy and balanced mindset towards food. To me, this means eating nutrient-dense foods most of the time along with having treats regularly (like pizza!) I don’t label foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and I don’t stress about food, which keeps me happy and healthy. I’ve come from a history of struggling with an eating disorder so for a long time I didn’t have a healthy relationship with food. Having that experience has made me very passionate about encouraging a non-restrictive attitude towards food. There is no reason that our favourite foods have to be off-limits! I work a lot on this mindset with my personal training clients and also practise what I preach by showing plenty of treats on my Instagram page!

Anyway, onto the pizzas!

Three Sheese Margherita: I was really impressed to see the pizza contained chia seeds and flax seeds for added omega 3, which is not something I’ve seen before. I also liked that it was easy to understand all of the ingredients that the pizza contained and see the nutritional information. As someone who is very active, I was pleased to see that the pizza was high in protein too. I cooked the pizza according to the instructions and it came out perfectly!  The crust was crunchy and light and the cheese was completely melted. It was really tasty and also really filling too, I even had some leftovers for the next day!

Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable: Like the margherita, the pizza also contained chia seeds and flax seeds and contained ingredients that were easy to read. This pizza was also high in protein and fibre, which was great to see. The toppings were generous and it cooked perfectly according to the instructions. I loved the mix of vegetables (olives, courgette, aubergine, red onion and yellow pepper), which gave the pizza lots of taste and texture. It was also very filling so was really satisfying to eat.

Overall, I loved these pizzas and would definitely recommend trying them… In crust we trust!


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Keep an eye out for an exciting blog post we have coming soon where I interviewed Declan Rudd and Loui Blake, looking at the effects of Veganism for professional athletes and how Loui’s experience has helped shape their new Vegan restaurant in Norwich – the biggest plant based establishment in the UK!