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The Benefits of Supporting Eco-Friendly Companies

Happy World Vegan Day and the start of World Vegan Month! 🙂

This edition we welcome Cloe Matheson as our guest writer, looking at the benefits of supporting eco-friendly companies. We at OPP ourselves work towards being as kind to earth as we can! Our packing is sourced from carbon neutral companies and the production of our pizzas has a much smaller carbon footprint than meat and dairy equivalents!

Anywho, welcome to Cloe!

Supporting eco-friendly companies has multiple benefits on both personal and global levels. Major benefits include keeping you healthy and helping you to preserve the natural world for future generations to enjoy.

Your health

Truly eco-friendly products are made with non-toxic, natural ingredients. Ecologically-produced foods, cosmetics, and homewares are better for your health. These do not contain pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals, many of which have been linked to causing allergies, cancers, and other threats to your health. Additionally, eco-friendly products are not tested on animals, which is better for the health of our fellow creatures too!

Your diet

If you really want to reduce your carbon footprint, you might want to consider changing your diet. Going vegan, which means cutting all dairy and meat products out of your diet, can reduce your greenhouse gas (GHG) contribution by over 70%.

Raising animals for food uses a large amount of water and can contribute to a decline in water quality – thus, by going vegan, you can also help to preserve supplies of fresh clean water which are vital to life and health.

Nowadays, you can choose from hundreds of pre-packaged vegan food options, making it easy for you to eat delicious, healthy food that is produced in an environmentally and ethically responsible way.  Companies that produce vegan food are eco-friendly in all business aspects, so by eating their products, you are supporting a variety of eco-friendly businesses who are all doing their bit for the planet.

Your neighbourhood

By purchasing locally-grown produce, you are supporting both the farmers and their families in your neighbourhood.  Not only that, locally-sourced produce will be fresher, and you can personally affirm the way in which it is grown and processed.

Buying locally-grown produce reduces the need for packaging and transport – thus reducing the carbon footprint.  When you visit the farmers market to buy produce, take your own reusable bags and avoid purchasing anything in plastic bags. Plastic is one of the planet’s worst contaminants and can take hundreds of years to decompose. Also, much of the plastic which goes into landfills or is disposed of incorrectly ends up in our oceans – causing the destruction of our marine life.

The environment

Eco-friendly businesses use natural resources efficiently to reduce their environmental impact. Examples include using renewable energy through products like solar panels, collecting rainwater to use for flushing toilets, and choosing furniture made from recycled materials to be used in the office.

Customers who support eco-friendly businesses provide them with the revenue and support that they need to continue their green initiatives, as well as create further eco-friendly innovations and products. If people see their friends and family supporting green businesses, they may be encouraged to make more eco-friendly choices themselves.



Eco-friendly businesses choose packaging that is reusable or biodegradable – and possibly even made from recycled materials. They participate in a comprehensive recycling program and sort and process all of their rubbish including food waste. They cut their use of paper and eliminate the use of plastic. Many eco-friendly businesses also support community programs which help to conserve the environment, such as river or beach clean-ups and tree-planting days.

The planet’s future

The future of life on our planet depends on everyone contributing to reducing their personal impact on the environment, and supporting eco-friendly businesses is a great way to start. When you purchase a product from an ecologically conscious company, you can be sure that the entire production, processing, and packaging process has been executed in the most efficient and sustainable manner. Sometimes, the cost of these products can be a little higher, but isn’t it worth paying a little more to ensure the future welfare of our planet?

According to Robert Swan, the “greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” Cloe is dedicated to practicing and promoting sustainable living, and also supports local businesses who work diligently to protect the environment. To see more of Cloe’s published work, visit her Tumblr page.