Don't just take our word for it...


"The 3 Sheese Margherita pizza from one planet pizza is phenomenal! I can't believe how good it is! (Y)" @petrichor_dementor 

"Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable pizza for dinner tonight, topped with rocket and olive oil. Thank you for bringing frozen pizza back into my life!" @livesimplyvegan

"By far my favorite of the one planet pizza line - Mediterranean roasted vegetable pizza! OMG so good." @theveganprincess

"What's better than vegan pizza and hot sauce on a Sunday night? Nowt, I say. The one planet pizza Mediterranean feast is an absolute babe of a meal." @seretabpuri

"One Planet Pizza, I salute you! Epic dinner, I couldn't even fit the wedges on my plate. This amazing pizza is made in Norwich. Amazing local vegan product." @gosiaveganheart

"I genuinely mean it when I say it's the best frozen pizza i've ever had and one of the top vegan pizzas." @amy_letslovelife

"Hands down the BEST pizza i've had since going vegan. Sooo damn tasty, will definitely be buying this again! I was never a massive fan of pizza but since going vegan I actually enjoy it more. The company is also about no Planet B so the box is 100% compostable. All in all, it's a tasty ethical choice to have in the freezer." @lets_get_starchy

“Seriously the best pizza I've ever had.” @veganshannon