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Our Story


Our Purpose

We're One Planet Pizza, and we're all about purpose (and pizza, obviously). Using awesome pizzas to encourage planet-positivity, we're here to tell you that the future of food is, and has to be, plant-based. But that doesn't mean losing out on flavour or, importantly, cheezyness. Tasty pizza changes opinions faster than facts, figures and possibly Sir David Attenborough. That's why our purpose is to show you that the future of pizza is plant-based, low-waste and damn delicious.

We create "Pizzas with Purpose"


Meet Mike and Joe - the father and son team who founded One Planet Pizza in Mike's garage back in '16, out of a passion to create mouth-watering pizzas that are great for you and the planet. Luckily, we've given Mike his space back, and located to the One Planet Kitchen in Norwich, Norfolk, where we make over 500 plant-based pizzas every day.



"Why can't we find tasty plant-based frozen pizzas?"

Frozen pizzas are, after all, the go-to staple food. But before One Planet Pizza was established, Mike and Joe knew that plant-based options weren't up to scratch. This question sparked an idea, one which Mike and Joe couldn't ignore.

Three months later, One Planet Pizza was born, and it was time for plant-based frozen pizzas to evolve. See you later plastic-tasting cheeze, we're bringing some flavour to the table. Making damn-delicious pizza is just what we do, and we use every slice to show the world how tasty a plant-based diet is.




this pizza might not save the world but it's a good start.


The Future Is Equal For All

We're nowhere near perfect, but we're working on it. Our diversity pledge to every Crustomer is to always go further, be open and encourage positive growth and education through conversations about racism and diversity. We are an anti-racist company. Our senior staff members are educated on racism and unconscious bias, and one day we hope to go further and extend this to all employees. But in the meantime, our staff room contains a selection of black-written books to encourage education and self-development. We actively reach out to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People Of Colour) and LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning + communities) influencers for paid work and sampling, and have a zero-tolerance discrimination policy.

Our Cheeze



Applewood Vegan

  • Multi Award Winning
  • Melts just like dairy cheese
  • Enriched with Calcium and Vitamin B12
  • Allergen Free
  • Vegan Society Approved
  • Crazy delicious!