Our Story

We are One Planet Pizza

The UK’s first frozen vegan pizza company.

Based just outside Norwich, Norfolk, we’re an independent, family run company led by a management team of experienced vegan and vegetarian businessmen and women, with successful plant-based businesses already up and running.

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The One Planet Pizza Official launch video courtesy of Hench Herbivore (2017)

The OPP kitchen and team (2018)

The OPP kitchen and team (2018)


Our Philosophy

Our products are 100% vegan and always will be. You can quote us on that. Our management team are all vegans as are most of our supporters and ambassadors. We will always endeavour to use vegan suppliers where possible and do our best to work alongside other proudly plant-based companies.

Because we care about this planet, our packaging and key ingredients are sourced locally when possible. The cardboard we use for our pizza boxes is made from 45% recycled material and is 100% compostable. Both our boxes and their sleeves are carbon neutral. Even the pizzas themselves have a carbon footprint of around 45% compared to the average non-vegan pizza. What more can you possibly expect from a pizza?

How we started

Since 2017 we’ve been proudly producing our classic range of artisan, hand-stretched pizzas. And we wholeheartedly believe these are Good for you*, the Planet and the Animals we share this world with…And of course Great Tasting! *We even add flaxseeds and chia seeds in case you were wondering- and we all know how super nutritious they are.

We like to think we’ve already achieved our aim of becoming the number one frozen vegan pizza brand in the UK within our first 12 months of operation. Now we have our sights set on the rest of Europe, bringing quality vegan pizzas into the mainstream. Our purpose is simple: to make great tasting, easy to eat products that you can chuck straight in the oven or keep in the freezer for a rainy day. Oh, and they contain zero animal products. You can thank us later.  

You can now grab a slice of life anywhere in the UK! Our award-winning Pizzas are available in over 400 Independent health stores and vegan shops from Inverness all the way down to Penzance.

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We raised our dough within the Vegan, Veggie & Veggie Curious Community.

One Planet Pizza is funded by a combination of personal investment from the vegan management team and crowdfunding by the vegan, veggie and veggie curious community. 20% of the company’s equity was crowdfunded in October 2016, with over 140 individuals investing between £16 and £3,000. We have investors from around Europe and even as far as Australia! As far as we know, we are the first vegan company to have crowdfunded in Europe, and possibly the world! We achieved our crowdfunding target within only 24 hours of publicly releasing the shares and have quickly moved on to winning awards and stocking shops around the country!

Our Partners & Ambassadors

One Planet Pizza's roots run deep within the vegan community. We're very fortunate to have an awesome team of passionate supporters and promoters who tirelessly spread the vegan pizza love far and wide. These guys and gals are leading figures in their own areas of interest, from animal rights activists and public speakers to fitness vloggers and bodybuilders. You could call them the vegan Avengers.   

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