Leah Squires


My name is Leah Squires, I have been so lucky to become an ambassador for One Planet Pizza, a brand that has such amazing ideas and goals which I am so proud to be a part of. 

My journey of becoming vegan is something I have always wanted to do and something I am so passionate about. I did this by educating myself and learning about the foods we eat, but most importantly to me was to know what happens to the animals, that have to face devastating times ahead of them. Eating animal products is something I could never be a part of, but most importantly, I think being vegan is wanting to share awareness to people who have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. We all love animals and we all have a heart, but we don't get told about what happens to the innocent beings, which has made me believe my purpose in life is to help the animals, to stop the cruelty and to also help people live happy, healthy lifestyles. If I can persuade people to change to a vegan lifestyle this would be a dream come true ! As I would have fulfilled my purpose of letting people know they are not contributing to any harm that is unfortunately happening to the animals we all love. I am a huge animal lover, my dream would be to open a animal sanctuary one day, but also be a part of a company that is passionate about being vegan. I feel I am on my journey in that direction, by teaming up with One Planet Pizza. If I can show people they can still have all their favourite foods they enjoy without harming animals this is something I am all about. Hopefully one day to see a huge change in the food industry and to see veganism grow bigger would be an absolute dream of mine.