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In Crust We Trust

Well… it’s safe to say I’m quite the pizza lover. My insta feed isn’t full of pizzas, but I’d say an unusually high percentage of what I post is pizza related in some way and this got me thinking… what makes a great pizza?

Is Tomato a fruit?

I’m a fan of a thinner base, too much dough can overpower a sauce full of flavour but too much sauce can drown out the toppings and cheese and create a mess more akin to a pasta sauce. It’s a fine balance, but it changes slightly person to person – so how do you get it right? For me, it’s all about the cheese – smother a pizza in it and I’m happy.

I put it out to the twittersphere last week to see what everyone else thought and it seems that most people agree with me. We did only get 25 votes, but 32% of voters thought that cheese was the most important thing with a pizza. Before I became a vegan, I was a self-confessed cheese lover. Knowing what I know now normal cheese makes my stomach turn, but I have since grown a real love for vegan cheese, I used to eat it on crackers with spicy chutney! My favourite One Planet Pizza is the Mediterranean Veg; chock full of veg and flavour that immediately picks me up. With 5 different veg making up this Mediterranean medley you are sure to finish your pizza confident that you’re well on your way to your 5-a-day.

There is that age old stereotype that we vegans miss out on tons of nutrients for shunning meat and dairy, which we all know isn’t true! Did you know one of our founders Mike has been vegan for over 35 years! Well, just to help silence the naysayers we have added flax seed and chia seeds in our pizzas. These are great sources of Omega-3, fibre and protein! Pizza is always considered to be unhealthy, but knowing I’m packing in some important nutrients whilst enjoying a slice of cheesy goodness where no animals have come to harm always makes me a happy lady.

But what I think is a really important aspect to a good pizza is what other good the company behind it might be doing. I’ve always thought that things like pizza boxes that are from recycled origins or profits going back into the local community always makes a pizza taste even better knowing that your money is helping to do some good.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can’t really work out what makes a good pizza. Just like any food there are so many variables. Although, I sure am partial to plenty of vegan cheese.

Until next time…

In crust we trust!

Isabel, @veganaboutnorwich