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Festival Season for the Vegan

It’s been a summer of amazing progress for veganism; the biggest Animal Rights March to date (keep an eye out for our next post from our OPP reps at the march), a flurry of vegan products hitting the shelves, more fashion brands shunning the use of animal products and more exposure of vegan living falling upon the ears of people that want to be more compassionate.

Chuck into the mix an amazing UK Vegan Campout and we come onto the subject of today’s post, festival season.

Before we get on to campout I just want to talk briefly about my summer at a ‘mainstream’ festival. Admittedly this prospect struck fear into my heart last year when I went to my first festival as a vegan (when you’ve already got a heart defect that’s not helpful!) but this year had a very different feel to me. My boyfriend and I are frequent visitors to Latitude festival after our first time back in 2014 and I have always been impressed by the sustainability message it promotes throughout. With the introduction of a Street Feast area I had high hopes there would be plenty to eat this year, and I wasn’t disappointed. I was able to eat at a different stand for almost every meal we had in the arena (and I only returned to one because it was just that good!)

In fact, every stand I bought food from was solely vegan, bar one which was a veggie stand serving vegan pizza. Let’s face it, I have to do some market research at the same time… I was really pleased to see Club Mexicana from London at Latitude with two separate stands, as well as Oatly returning (all hail the mini cartons of chocolate milk we were getting for free!) With such a wide range of food on offer I saw a lot of people trying vegan replacements for the first time too, which can only be a step in a very positive direction with such availability at events like this. I’m sure it’s the same at other festivals, but the ability to take in a bottle to help keep the tap water cool was SO helpful! I bought one from The Little Octopus Shop recently, a store that donates a portion of profits towards Whale and Dolphin Conservation

I could go on all day about the different options, but I’ll let some photos do the talking instead! Thanks also goes to Simon (@zonderman_1974) for some extra pics!

But, more importantly – let’s talk about the wonder that is UK Vegan Campout! This was our first time at the event serving up some delish pizza to the masses and we were so overwhelmed by the support! Not only was it great to meet plenty of people that shared our thoughts and feelings, it was a great way for us to enjoy the festival environment and have a completely different perspective on what we can do as a business. We were amazed by the range, quality and inventiveness of the caterers at the Vegan Campout. We (as usual) underestimated the capacity of vegans to eat, and run out 3/4s of the way through the event. Next year we will be prepared and we’re planning a Breakfast Pizza!

We’re also really chuffed for UK Vegan Campout for their nomination in VegFest Best Festival Category – YAS GUYS!

I’m sure many of you have seen the pictures floating about on social media of how the campsite was left after the event compared to some other festivals? Let’s just say we’re super proud of vegans and how we treat this world – keep fighting the good fight!

In Crust We Trust


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