A subscription for pizza?

We’re not one for lengthy Ts & Cs, so we made it simple. Subscribe. Save. Cancel online anytime.


Your delivery can arrive anytime between 8am-6pm, but the team at DPD will text or email you with a 1hr delivery window on the morning of your delivery date, so you’ll know exactly when your parcel is arriving, and when to pre-heat your oven.

We’re very happy to say that we deliver to almost all parts of Great Britain! However, we are not yet able to deliver to the following areas:
Eire (Republic of Ireland)
Isle of Man
Northern Highlands
Northern Ireland
Orkney Shetland
Please contact us if you’d like to double check if we can deliver to your area.

Please pop your pizzas into your freezer as soon as possible. They should be ok in your freezer for up to 10 months if they are kept below -18c. But please refer to the best before date on each pizza for reference.

We have made it as simple as possible for you to still get your pizzas without being home. Our boxes should keep frozen until 6pm thanks to our fully recyclable insulated packaging – ready for you to pop in the freezer when you get home.
When you place your order: you’ll be asked to enter a safe place delivery instruction, to let us know where we can leave your box if you’re not in (e.g. behind the gate, with a neighbour). On the day of delivery, DPD will text you to confirm a 1hr delivery window, so you’ll know exactly when your parcel is arriving. If you need to update delivery instructions on the day, head over to DPD’s tracking portal (link via your confirmation email) to get your box delivered to a safe place.

If you’ve experienced a problem with your delivery, please contact our crustomer services at oppdirect@oneplanetpizza.com. We’ll sort it out as soon as possible.


Put into your freezer or freezer compartment as soon as possible. They should be ok in your freezer for up to 10 months, but they like it cold. Keep them below -18c.
Handling the dry ice: When you open your pizza box, please be careful with the dry ice bags if they are still solid. Carefully lift them out of your box without touching them with bare skin and put them somewhere safe until they evaporate. Once they are totally empty you can recycle the bags.

Recycling my packaging: We are proud to say that our packaging is completely recyclable. The outer box, dry ice bags and internal packaging and paper can be recycled as normal. And, of course, the pizza sleeve is certified carbon positive and fully recyclable – even the cling film is recyclable at a plastic bag recycling point.

To find out the nutritional and allergen information of the pizzas you are ordering, click on the “Nutrition and Allergen” button located under each pizza picture on the shop page. You can also head to The Pizzas page and scroll through the entire range.

*CROSS CONTAMINATION*  Please keep in mind if you order a box containing both Gluten free and Gluten based pizza there is a chance of cross contamination.

Subscriptions & ORDERS

First, select the Pizza Club Box on the Order Pizzas page, then check out as normal and you will receive your first box at the end of the month. Payments are taken on the 15th of the month and shipments made on the last Wednesday of the month.

Our Pizza Club is unsuitable for those who have an allergy. Due to the changing nature of the Pizza Club contents, we can’t guarantee that every order will suit your specific allergen requirements. If you have an allergy, we advise you to build your own delivery option without subscribing.

The Pizza Club Box will be sent to you on the last Wednesday of the month.

You will receive an email to confirm your order, and an email from DPD to confirm your delivery slot.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make individual changes to the boxes at present.

Payment will be taken around the 15th of each month.

Just log into your account and press cancel, simple as that. Just make sure you cancel before your next payment is taken around the 15th of the month.

You can make changes to your order by going to your account page.

Please enter your code into the relevant box on the payment page, and the discount will be applied. These codes can only be used by one individual.