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Vevolution Topics: Effective Advocacy

Vevolution Topics are back! Vevolution Topics is a series of monthly evening events bringing together plant-powered pioneers for evenings of inspiring talks, great food and networking at The Trampery in Old Street, London. 

Tickets for all Vevolution events in 2017 events sold-out in advance of the event, so move fast and secure your place

Vevolution Topics: Effective Advocacy:
How do we challenge people and institutions to change a lifetime of habits? At this event learn from some of the leading people working in interesting and creative ways to convince institutions and people to move away from the use of animal-based products.

Speakers include:

Tickets: £15 via - 
Date & Time: Tuesday 5th June, 6.30pm - 10:00pm


Food Innovation
The plant-based food revolution has arrived! With the general public and mainstream businesses hungry for information about radical transformation of our food system. This event brings together food innovators to share their stories and insights about the future of food in 2018.

Tickets: £15 via -
Date & Time: Tuesday 13th February, 6.30pm - 10:00pm

What does it take to create a profitable business that treats animals and people with kindness? If you are interested in creating in creating a profitable business with purpose this is the event to attend to learn from leading plant-powered entrepreneurs. 

Tickets: £15 via - 
Date & Time: Tuesday 13th March, 6.30pm - 10:00pm

How do we tread lightly on the earth? How does efforts to create a plant-based world intersect with environmental initiatives and the global push to slow down man-made climate change. 

Tickets: £15 via -
Date & Time: Tuesday 10th April, 6.30pm - 10:00pm

Health and Wellbeing:
What does it take to maintain a fit body and mind? This event will bring together leading plant-powered fitness and health experts to share their inspiring stories and practical tips on how to build a strong body and mind.

Tickets: £15 via - 
Date & Time: Tuesday 8th May, 6.30pm - 10:00pm

Ethical Fashion & Beauty:
Ethical is the new black. Fashion is one of the ultimate expressions of personality but historically the fashion industry has taken a heavy toll on the earth. At this event hear from people challenging this industry to be better for animals and the environment. 

Tickets: £15 via - 
Date & Time: Tuesday 10th July, 6.30pm - 10:00pm

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Ⓥ Venue: The Trampery, 239 Old St, London EC1V 9EY
Ⓥ Please be aware that there will be a camera crew covering the event. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at
Ⓥ Notes on refunds: We are happy to accommodate refunds with advance notice but we are unable to offer refunds a week before the event due to it being to short notice to resell the ticket.