Three A’s and One B – Our Carbon Scores Are In

If you’ve seen or heard about our new Carbon labels you can find out more here. Including how we got three A’s (which is kind of a big deal). And how our pizzas have a 47% lower carbon footprint to standard equivalents.

Major news! We are the first frozen Pizza brand to have Carbon labels on our products and boxes. We wanted to show our commitment to our purpose. (‘Using the power of epic plant-based frozen pizzas to save the planet’). And we wanted to do this in the most easy to understand and visual way. So, our cool new labels were the perfect solution!

The ratings are worked out on a 5-point scale from A to E – with a traffic light system from Green to Red. We are well in the green (which is really blimmin? good by the way!) with 3 of our core range being scored as A’s and just one being a B rating (we will be working on improving this one, quick smart).

With the help of My Emissions, we also know exactly how our range compares to non plant-based pizzas. On average across the range, the saving is a whopping 47% with a couple of standout heroes in the mix.

The CO2e savings of choosing three of our Peppernomi Hero over three normal pepperoni pizzas (swapping in non-vegan ingredients) saves the same emissions as one person taking a one-way trip on the Eurostar from London to Paris. Oooh La La – that’s Far!

Buying our pizza outside of the UK?

Our Carbon Labels have been calculated based on being transported around the UK. So we decided not to label the pizzas that ship out to Europe and the rest of the world until we are sure of the impact of doing this.

This year we will study hard and learn more by finding out what steps we need to take to be a fully Carbon Neutral company. Watch this space!?

One Planet Pizza are leading the way on climate transparency. It?s been great to see how committed they are to understanding and reducing their impact, and we can?t wait to see what the response will be to the labels in-store.

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