Three A’s and One B – Our Carbon Scores Are In

If you’ve seen or heard about our new Carbon labels you can find out more here. Including how we got three A’s (which is kind of a big deal). And how our pizzas have a 47% lower carbon footprint to standard equivalents. Major news! We are the first frozen Pizza brand to have Carbon labels […]

Thai-Style Chick’n Curry Pizza

This fragrant pizza, loaded with Chillies and Thai Basil, will blow your mind (and your taste-buds). The Vegan Girl Boss elevates the classic Thai Curry onto a pizza.


The classic dish from Philadelphia on a pizza? If that doesn’t scream freedom we don’t know what does…
Johnny Meatless spins this one for you.

The Taco Pizza

Loaded with ground plant-based Meatless Farm mince, gooey nacho cheeze and spicy beans, this Taco Pizza has Tuesday Night written all over it.