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I am the eldest of 9 brothers and sisters, born in Madrid in 1986 and lived most of my life in Barcelona, if you ask me where I am from I’d say Barcelona though.

Raised in a vegetarian family I was always the healthy kid who wasn't allowed to eat junk food or white sugar. In my teen years my eating habits where extremely bad and I suffered from bulimia for two years. Struggling with my body image for a long time I have found my healing through fitness and a more balanced approach to food.

My mission now is empowering humans through a plant based diet and sports alongside with motivational techniques like NLP to become their better selves and for that I am in the process of becoming my better self. Founder of Fitvelove, UK's first plant fuelled fitness, health and beauty festival scheduled for next year in London, I aim to be an ambassador for health and recovery.

Because I wasn't always this healthy aware and fitness lover that I am today, for 3 years I worked in the electronic music scene and partying hard was my thing. Anything is possible, we all can, it will be hard and totally worth it! That’s my mantra! Setting goals and achieving them.

Writer, chef, experience creator, traveler, public relations, motivational speaker to be, NLP certified breakthrough coach, fitness model, Personal Trainer L3 soon and passionate reader. Always learning, always looking for answers, always curious. I feel like I was born yesterday and will always be learning something new.

I love Indian food, dancing, the rain, parks, sun and the beach. Coconuts, pizza, carrot cake and a good laugh. And I will always believe in love no matter what! I am grateful, obsessively grateful for every blessing because also those setbacks that put our faces on the ground are huge blessings redirecting us to our true calling. Feeling honoured to represent One Planet Pizza!