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Elaina and Dale

Hey! We are Elaina and Dale and have been vegan since 2016. The story of our transition is very simple, watching documentaries on the health implications, awful conditions of the way animals are kept and just finding our compassion again before it was completely lost. We are both avid gym goers and have a keen interest in vegan bodybuilding, or at least try to!

We both love eating Vegan food and love lifting weights. The two go very good hand in hand, and we have achieved an excellent performance boost since going vegan. We both feel stronger, recovery is quicker and knowing that we’re not protein deficient on a vegan diet after a year is proof that meat is redundant. We are also suckers for Vegan treats, so being ambassadors for One Planet Pizza is literally a dream come true. We have also founded “Plantageous” which is our startup venture, spreading the word of vegan nutrition and fitness, where our aim is to help people make that transition to a compassionate lifestyle while also keeping any eye on overall nutrition and health.

Overall, in the year we have been vegan, we have learned a lot about the different aspects of eating a vegan diet but also the different approaches to why people may fail in the first week of transitioning. Instagram has helped our cause and as we continue to expand while working with the best pizza company in the world, One Planet Pizza! We look forward to meeting and helping everyone on their journey to the rapidly expanding vegan lifestyle!