We’re all about purpose (and pizza, obviously). We’re a company that does things for the planet, not for our pockets, and we put this message into practice with everything we do. Have a scroll over some of the ways we’re trying to change the world, one slice at a time…

Pizza with Purpose

Our mission is to help create a better planet. How do we do that? We know that tasty food changes opinions faster than facts, figures and possibly Sir David Attenborough (sorry David), so we encourage more people to eat plant-based food through the power of awesome pizza, of course. We want a world where everyone has the choice to enjoy an unbelievably plant-based pizza, which does as good as it tastes (and it tastes epic).

Eat Pizza, Plant Trees

Eating our pizzas helps fund the reforestation and restoration of global wildlands and natural forest areas through our partnership with One Tree Planted. We’re committed to plant one tree for every 50 pizzas we sell, taking a proactive slice at battling climate change. 

Upcycling Our Waste

Take a look at the packaging in your delivery! We upcycle all of our cardboard waste into eco-packaging materials to make sure your One Planet Pizza Direct order is delivered to your door as sustainably as you can get! Co-founder Joe is also a part of Norwich BID’s Upcycle Your Waste* Local Steering Group, helping advise the Norwich council on creating a circular economy. 

*Upcycle Your Waste is an Interreg 2 Seas EU funded project, designed to encourage a sustainable future through working with businesses to upcycle their waste and reduce landfill.

Zero to Landfill Packaging

We think the Earth has enough waste to deal with, and we don’t want our pizzas to contribute. So we decided to wrap every pizza in 100% recyclable or compostable materials. We’re working on becoming plastic-free, but for now, the small amount of plastic we use can be recycled at a plastic bag recycling station. 

Pizza with values

We are nowhere near perfect, but we are working on it. Our diversity pledge to every Crustomer is to always go further, be open and encourage positive growth and education through conversation about racism and diversity. We are an Anti-racist company. Our senior staff members are educated on racism and unconscious bias. One day we hope to go even further and extend this to all employees. In the meantime our staff room contains a selection of black-written books to encourage education and self-development.

We actively reach out to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) and LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning + communities) influencers for paid for work and sampling. We have a zero-tolerance discrimination policy.